Multi Family

T.U.C. Management Company

Founded in 1984, T.U.C. Management Company, Inc. specializes in property and asset management of government assisted housing mostly for nonprofit organizations though we manage a substantial portfolio of condominium/cooperative and market rate rental units as well. Today, T.U.C. manages a portfolio of approximately 4,000 residential units. T.U.C.’s specialization in subsidized housing makes it a leader in affordable housing management in the New York City metropolitan area. T.U.C.’s corporate offices are located in Manhattan.

In 2006, Arco President, Jeffrey P. Goldstein and Chairman, Richard Oller, formed Multifamily Management Services (MMS) to unite their affiliated management and advisory companies. T.U.C. is now a division of MMS together with Arco Management Corporation and Multifamily Management of Philadelphia, LLC. Please click on our HOME page to learn about the comprehensive services that Multifamily Management Services offers your property and portfolio.